A brief interview with Amir Eid from Cairokee, with an introduction by Marwan Younis

We are here at Cairo Sound Music Festival, an event organised by Hi Wave Events, reuniting some of the best talents from Egypt.

We are here with Marwan Younis – who is presenting this amazing show, and with Cairokee.

Passaggio a Dubai is here with Radio Fragola, representing Trieste and the whole of Italy:

Marwan, it is a pleasure to meet you here. How is it to host to all the people that

Amir Eid / Cairokee live in Dubai. © Vincenzo Albano – Passaggio a Dubai

are united here.

Marwan Younis: I am overwhelmed, I am meeting a lot of people from Egypt of course, but also from Morocco and Kuwait and the feeling is overwhelming. This event is something that is really uniting everyone.

Beautiful. I am really honored to be hosting this.

Passaggio a Dubai: On one side it is indeed alternative music, but on the other side it represents an alternative way of living, which in Dubai is not super represented.

Marwan Younis: I think that the best thing of this event is that this is the chance to show the very good music we have in Egypt to the world.

Amir Eid / Cairokee live in Dubai. © Cairokee

We want to bring the best sound of Cairo, and Alexandria too – like Massar Egbari. Then, Cairokee are an amazing and very established band – Sharmoofers are the grooviest in the whole lot, you really can’t stop dancing, so I am very happy that all of these genres and all of these people are gathered in one place, uniting the whole Arab world, in Dubai which is the new centre of the Arab world.

We are here with Amir Eid from Cairokee.

Great concert. Really awesome.

Amir Eid / Cairokee– My pleasure

I was at the press conference but it was all in Arabic, erm, I’m learning.

– No no.. it’s ok it’s ok

But considering your lyrics are important to something like Dubai, that doesn’t have the same roots: how does it feel to play in a place like this?

Amir Eid / Cairokee live in Dubai. © Vincenzo Albano – Passaggio a Dubai

– Somebody asked me this question before, and our stance is that we play all concerts the same way and don’t think about the places, as if people in Dubai were different from people in Cairo, or people in Cairo were different to people in Dubai – or in Europe for example:

We always try to be ourselves. To be yourself is just… You have to find the right set, the right songs and the right feeling, so we have, we do this everything – the same in every country, plus we have very strong personalities, so we always try to take the audience to our world, not to go to their world. This is how we work.

And we are lucky that people love our songs and our sets.

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